Extremely Limited Edition Artwork from Hessam Abrishami at Los Gatos Art Gallery Amour d’ Art

Los Gatos, California (PRWEB) November 17, 2013

Amour dArt, the premier Los Gatos gallery featuring works from acclaimed international artists, is excited to announce a brand new print release by Hessam Abrishami. The stunning limited edition, titled Music Melody, is a 20×40 archival print on aluminum. Only a small number of galleries, including Amour dArt, have access to this piece.

What makes this edition unique is a square box in the lower right corner of each piece, which Hessam will individually embellish with an original painting for each collector. This technique, commonly known as a Remarque, was traditionally completed with pencil on the border of an engraving. Hessams use of this technique offers collectors something irreplaceable. The artist, whose work is known for its dynamic compositions, powerful expressions and vibrant colors, is championing a revolutionary process that helps bridge the gap between limited edition collectors and buyers of original paintings.

Arso Ivanovich, Contemporary Fine Artist, Premiers Ebay Auction

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2013

Finer Things Artists Network has worked all year developing and marketing Arso’s online portfolios and accounts to establish visibility and storefronts online to supplement his studio gallery business in Carlsbad.

The early years for Arso were dark and tempered with harsh reality, particularly for the tender ages. Digging within himself, Arso drew inspiration from this well of difficult experiences. The artist within was conceived, though it would be many years of development later before Arso would discover his niche in the fine arts. Somehow he was able to develop a hard-shell which allowed the creative artist to develop within a turbulent sea of dreams. With such a grim beginning its not hard to follow that a stout heart and a creative imagination would develop in such circumstances. While the focus of his early life was on survival, the artist was peeking through this shell, someday to emerge onto the international art scene with his daring uncommon perspective, and even more rare, his genius talent for communicating his wild and vibrant inspirations through the visual arts to the world.

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When Arso discovered his unique technique of crystallizing watercolors to resemble the icy panes of picturesque scenery from his earliest memories as a boy in Montenegro, he knew he was onto something big. After perfecting this technique with watercolor, Arso continued to push the creative envelope to the limit by mastering this crystallization technique in oil as well. To this day no other known artist uses this technique which has become Arso’s signature style since 1969 when he debuted in his first art exhibit in Milwaukee. Arso is sure to be a notable talent for generations of artists to come.

A buzz throughout the art community began with critics compelled by Arso’s work. He delivers a subliminal message to all who have lived through an ordeal, mastered, and triumphed the experience. He reminds all of us, that life though not always pleasant and pretty is nevertheless a fascinating and beautiful to contemplate illusion, each of us possessing a distinct perspective. A browse through Arso’s catalog of work over time shows an evolution from classical realism mastery to his own unique fanciful and transitory dreamscapes. Life is after all what we make of it consciously or not. A melding of influences from master artists preceding himself, Arso has compelled art critics to compare him to Cezanne, Klee, Picasso, Dali, Chagall, and Degas. His works extend from lithographs, watercolors, and oils to wood carvings and sculptures. Though artists and writers speculate, crystallization is a secret technique Arso guards jealously, at least until he believe’s he cannot push the limits of its creative potential further. We hope he’s at least written the secret formula and process down so he won’t take his secret to his grave. Show your support for Arso’s talent on SeeMe.

Arso’s artistic style has naturally developed over time. His early work is demonstrative of his mastery of the classical and renaissance periods. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo before coming to America in 1967. Already prepped at the Sarajevo Teacher Training Academy in Tulza, Arso received a Master of Arts degree at the University of Milwaukee and secured a position as an assistant professor of Fine Arts 2yrs later. He subsequently lectured at art schools and leagues for 6yrs to graduate art students from around the world before retiring to paint full-time. Additionally, Arso ran his own private artist tutoring for over 20yrs to students already graduate degreed in Fine Arts, several who took his private classes for over 5yrs including Welton Brady, Steve Horvat (impressionist), Harold Wilson, Chairman of Cardinal Streech College, WI, and Mary Becker. Join Arso’s professional network on Linkedin.

Today Arso’s original works sell for between $ 10,000-$ 95,000 depending on the size and the medium. Throughout his artistic career Arso’s collectors have acquired over $ 2 million dollars of his legacy with untold value in today’s market. Until recently, Arso’s works have been sold exclusively from his studio gallery in Carlsbad and select galleries internationally. Art enthusiasts and collectors alike will be pleased to learn Arso is now offering an exclusive selection of his finest works online at Finer Things Artists Network. Once a month a selection from Arso’s collection is available on auction at Ebay.

Arso’s first exhibits displaying his signature talents started in 1969 in local Milwaukee art shows, his fame quickly spread to the international art audience in the 70′s. He has been a solo exhibited artist over 2 dozen times as well as participated in over 3 dozen collective art shows internationally over the past 40yrs. Arso is a featured artist in over 160 published news and magazine articles internationally. 28 books and encyclopedic publications, including Arso’s monograph book of his collection published in 2012, including critiques and analysis by notable art critics through the years. Arso is registered in American Art Who’s Who 1995-2000 editions. Arso made TV appearance as featured artist in 1984, US Prime News as well as over 20 other television broadcasts internationally over the years. Also in 1984, at the New York World Art Expo the local presses chose Arso’s artistic technique as the most interesting of the event. See a complete discography of Arso’s career on Arso’s AskArt Studio online.

The Passion of Christ by Arso Ivanovich, oil on canvas, 42 x 53, on auction on Ebay!

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State of the Art Upgrade Yields Savings for Local High Tech Manufacturer

Providence, Rhode Island (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

When a National Grid account manager recently toured a sprawling 125,000 square foot design and manufacturing center belonging to Interplex Engineered Products on Ferris Avenue in East Providence, she was not only struck by the impressive high tech design and manufacturing work taking place in the facilitys labs and on the plant floor, she also saw an opportunity to save potentially hundred of thousands of Kilowatt Hours each year in lighting energy.

This presented a mutually beneficial opportunity for both the Utility and the business owner. It also launched a series of events that resulted in the large scale, high tech lighting retrofit project just completed at the facility. The result of which, will conserve nearly 500,000 kWh annually.

The project was referred to Energy Source of Providence Rhode Island, a NationalGrid Project Expeditor that provides turnkey energy conservation solutions for businesses and specializes in navigating the process of securing significant Incentives available from the Utilities.

Jim Howard, the Director of Operations of Energy Source, worked with Paul Cinque-Mars and Peter McNeil of Interplex to coordinate a comprehensive energy audit, targeting the facilitys lighting system.

With the audit data and analysis in hand, Energy Source proposed a solution that would replace the early generation of T8 fluorescent lighting with approximately 1,100 high efficiency LED fixtures throughout the interior and exterior of this facility. Further, fixtures installed in the labs and office areas would feature state of the art, programmable, photo-based occupancy sensors and employ the latest Daylight Harvesting technology to exploit every possible savings opportunity based on room use and available ambient light.

Howard saw real benefits in working with a company such as Interplex, a big player in the high tech sector, and found forward thinking partner sin Interplexs Cinque-Mars and McNeil.

Paul and Peter were extremely receptive to leveraging high tech solutions like Daylight Harvesting and software based controls, as they saw the opportunities for savings that they represent. It was such a pleasure working alongside someone who had obviously gone up the learning curve on best practices. In fact, this was the first project I can think of where the client actually proposed a specific fixture to be used. I was impressed that Paul and Peter had taken the initiative to attend a National Grid product Expo in order to educate themselves on the latest options available in energy conservation Howard said.

The project took less than three months from audit to design and final implementation. Energy Sources installation team had the challenge of working around the companys 24/6 operating schedule on a project that spanned 125,000 square feet of work area. Nevertheless, the entire project was completed on time and on budget with little to no interruption to processes.

On the business side, the design as installed will save 498,233 Kilowatt Hours annually and yearly dollar savings of $ 53,000 into the future. With the considerable Utility Incentives attained by Energy Source on behalf of their client, Interplex will enjoy a very rapid payback on the project.

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Springbrook Presents 2nd Annual Gifts Unwrapped Community Art Show

Oneonta, NY (PRWEB) December 01, 2014

Springbrook, a provider of support services for special needs people of all ages is excited to announce its second annual Community Art Show, Gifts UnwrappedCelebrating Diversity through Creative Expression. Springbrook celebrates self-expression, which is a human trait shared by everyone, regardless of age or ability. The organization is committed to serve not only its program participants, but its surrounding communities as well. As a result, the art show is open to all who wish to enter.

The exhibition will run from December 11 19, 2014 at the organizations Community campus (formerly Saint Marys School). On December 11, from 6 7:30 pm, there will be a special Opening Reception, which is free and open to the public.

Work on display will include drawing/illustration, painting, photography, and sculpture, as well as work by students from local school districts. Last year, over 40 pieces were on display and with even more artists will participating this year.

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RoboGames Signs Grant Imahara to Host “RoboGames 2015″

(PRWEB) February 19, 2015

RoboGames, the “Olympics of Robots”, today announced that Grant Imahara – famous for MythBusters, BattleBots, Punkin’ Chunkin’, StarWars Episodes 1-3, Killer Robots, and many other TV shows and movies, will be the lead host for RoboGames 2015.

“I’m incredibly excited to be returning to RoboGames,” said Imahara. “There’s nothing like experiencing the sights and sounds of a live robot combat event. As a former competitor, robot combat is near and dear to my heart. I enjoy the mix of creativity and mayhem that are essential to this sport. Being able to share it with new audiences and future generations is a huge bonus.”

RoboGames was started in 2004 to showcase all different aspects of robot competitions, from 220 pound combat robots fighting behind bulletproof glass to 25 gram sumo robots no bigger than a quarter. There are 56 different events in total, with such diverse competitions as humanoid robots that play soccer and do kung-fu, maze solving robots, hockey bots, and events with GPS guided cars that navigate outdoor terrains without any human control. RoboGames even supports STEM education with 7 different events just for kids under 18 to show their stuff. Each competition is treated equally in the end, with the same gold, silver, and bronze medals on the line – but robot combat remains the big draw. And how could it not, with 220 pound robots spewing flames, slamming 100 pound spinning blades into one inch thick armor, and flipping opponents into the air like they were nerf balls.

Imahara points out that while many people think robot combat went away after the TV shows were gone, the events never stopped just because they weren’t being aired. “The general public perception is that fighting robots were popular, and then went away for a long time, but in reality, there have been live robot combat events happening continuously since 1994. And all the while, the robots have been getting better and meaner and tougher.”

Ray Billings competes every year with the most destructive robot in the show ‘Last Rites.’ It’s a 220 pound robot whose weapon could liquefy a human in seconds, and does a pretty decent job of doing the same to his titanium opponents. Billings, a retired prison guard, goes to show how diverse the field of contestants can be.

“Real men don’t have hobbies, they have obsessions. And this one’s mine,” jokes Billings, who’s looking forward to the annual event and creating as much carnage in the arena as he possibly can. “It’s like a dysfunctional family reunion. We get together once a year and break each other’s toys.”

RoboGames 2015 will be held Friday through Sunday, April 3rd-5th, and all aspects are being taped for release in both DVD and streaming media, with a focus on the 220 pound heavyweight “ComBots” that are the audience favorite. The ComBots are so powerful that the fights must be held in a 100,000 pound arena behind two-ply, bullet-proof lexan sheets. A minimum of 13 episodes are set for release, with video being shot for as many as 26 episodes for this season’s international event. Negotiations are underway for a streaming provider to exclusively show the finished episodes. Tickets to the live event are available to purchase on-line at RoboGames.net, and the public event is expected to sell out, as in years’ past.

Although registration hasn’t even closed, there are already 26 heavyweight ComBots set to compete, and 432 robots total registered. It expected that when registration closes in March, there will be over 800 robots competing. Currently registered robots are coming from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, the UK, and of course the USA.

One of the great aspects of the sport is that it is not limited to professional engineers. As Imahara points out, “the awesome thing is that anyone can participate in robot combat. It’s is a sport that requires no formal training to enter. You can be a school teacher, a car mechanic, a plumber, or just a garage tinkerer. As long as your robot meets the safety requirements, you can get in there and kick some ‘Bot’.”

This is true across all events, ages, and genders. Most people presume this to be a men’s club of professional engineers, yet there are a number of girls and women who compete at RoboGames. At the last event, the Brazilian robot “Touro Light” was the #1 ranked lightweight ComBot going into the tournament. Driven by 26 year old PhD candidate Daniel Freitas, it seemed invincible and was heavily favored to take the gold. Yet it was defeated in the quarter-final round by Hannah Rucker, who was only 8 years old at the time. That’s not a typo for 18. She was eight. And she knocked him out – eliminating the “beast from Brazil” from the medal rounds. She then went on to win the bronze. She’s now ten years old and returning with both a lightweight and a heavyweight ComBot.

“I was amazed when I won a medal at the last RoboGames because there were so many other people who were older and more experienced,” said Rucker. “I’m so excited about coming back this year, but I’m also nervous because I’ll be driving a heavyweight for the first time. I can’t wait to fight again and see my friends!”

She wasn’t the only young female engineer racking up medals. Sylvia Todd, now 14, won a silver medal in 2013 for her painting robot and went on to show her robot and medal to President Obama at the White House.

“I am so excited for RoboGames 2015!” said Todd, who is also known for her youtube shows as Super Awesome Sylvia. “So much nostalgia from my first time competing, cool robots, meeting amazing people. I mean seriously, there are robots that are spewing fire and have spinning blades going 100 mph on them. Who wouldn’t be excited? I can’t wait!!!”

RoboGames is still accepting companies looking to sponsor the event, with many opportunities for exposure to both the on-site audience as well as the later video release.

Facts At A Glance:

The International RoboGames

Date: April 3-5th, 2015

Location: San Mateo County Expo Center, 2495 S. Delaware St., San Mateo, Ca 94403

Tickets: $ 30/person


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https://speakers.academyart.edu/ School of Fine Art presenter Michael Cuffe shares social media marketing tips for building your art career and more.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Historic Concept Cars to Be Showcased at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

A new type of motor spectacle is coming to Indianapolis next spring. Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas, a major exhibition featuring rare concept cars from the early 1930s to the 21st century, will open May 3, 2015 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Dream Cars showcases some of the most unique vehicles ever created by top names in the automotive field, including General Motors, Cadillac and Chrysler. Along with conceptual drawings and scale models, the exhibition explores the evolution of revolutionary automobile design that pushed the limits of the imagination and shaped the future of the industry.

As racing capital of the world,’ Indianapolis is a natural fit for this exhibition, said Dr. Charles L. Venable, The Melvin & Bren Simon Director and CEO at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The IMA is recognized as a leading museum in the field of industrial design and we are thrilled to pay tribute to Indianapolis rich automotive history by bringing these legendary vehicles to the city at exactly the time when all auto eyes are on us.

General Motors coined the term dream car in 1953 as a reference to concept cars experimental vehicles that challenged the status quo with their radical designs. As testing grounds for innovation, concept cars are a platform for automakers and independent designers to experiment with technology and explore cutting-edge styling and design aesthetics. Most concept cars are never intended for mass production, but instead are unique glimpses into the future possibilities of automotive design.

Dream Cars features American and European concept car designs dating back to the 1930s. Exhibition highlights include:

Paul Arzens’ L’Oeuf

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