VSU Fine Arts Gallery Hosts Art Faculty Exhibition Aug. 25–Sept. 12

VSU Fine Arts Gallery Hosts Art Faculty Exhibition Aug. 25–Sept. 12
… because VSU boasts such an eclectic mix of talent, art enthusiasts will find a little bit of everything at the Art Faculty Exhibition, from photography and ceramics to paintings and drawings to jewelry, sculptures, prints, animation, graphic design …
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Fall Arts Preview 2014: Visual Art
Paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by both artists illuminate shared interests in cubism, surrealism and the Spanish American War, which inspired Picasso's famed masterwork, “Guernica.” The Dalí Museum and the Museu Picasso in Barcelona, where …
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England Van Lines Introduces New Top of the Line Crating Methods for Fine Art

San Jose, California (PRWEB) February 06, 2014

England Van Lines, a leading premium moving service located in Los Angeles, California, is thrilled to announce they are incorporating new state of the art crating for the transportation and storage of fine art. These new versatile and double lined crates are specially designed for fine art, and are guaranteed to keep their contents dry, cushioned, and untainted by contaminants. All fine art, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and antiques will come out of these special fine art crates in the exact same condition they went in.

Those who have attempted moving fine art before know that the crating, transportation, and storage of the art can be a stressful and time consuming hassle. Having your fine art professionally moved can cut down on some of the hassle and stress, but only so far as the company hired to move the art can be trusted. Many moving companies claim they will take proper care of your delicate items, but lack the proper training, experience, and equipment to do so. Your normal, run of the mill, average Joes moving company will often just put any fine art into whatever flimsy box will fit it. Or worse, throw an old padded blanket over it, put it on top of the pile, and call it protected. This puts the fine item at increased risk of being damaged, particularly in cross state moving scenarios.

The experts at England Van Lines, however, are specially trained in the art of fine art crating and transport. Not only are all items art or not properly crated, they are also efficiently packed to maximize the structural integrity of the crates. Everything is packed tightly to minimize dangerous sliding of the crates and keep external pressures low.

Company spokesperson William Alexander had this to say about the subject, Fine art has always been one of, if not the trickiest type of item to box and transport. Art is often fragile, precious, and awkwardly shapedand adding to the difficulty is the fact that even the tiniest scratch, the smallest amount of damage, can be both irreparable and completely catastrophic to the arts value and aesthetics. He then went on to say, We have found fine art crating and transportation to be an area customers are deeply concerned about when they entrust their belongings to us. And after much research into the subject we decided to upgrade out handling of these most important items accordingly.

When asked how she felt about the new crating methods, once customer and fine art owner said, It really helps put my mind at ease, knowing that I can just show them my art and they will come back with the right type of box, in the right size, to package it the right wayI watched them do it and it all seemed to be done how they advertised it, they estimate moving costs really well too.

Just as with the actual production of fine art, the transportation and fine art crating is best done by those with a large pool of experience and subject knowledge to draw on. Of course, the added bonus of using the very best equipment should be a significant plus to customers and their art alike.

To find out more information about how England Van Lines can help you with all your fine art moving needs visit England Van Lines online.

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The Art of Dr. Seuss Comes to Huckleberry Fine Art

North Bethesda, MD (PRWEB) December 09, 2013

The Art of Dr. Seuss is coming to Huckleberry Fine Art with all the characters we all know and love! The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, and The Lorax are on display, along with secret art and unorthodox taxidermy rarely seen by the public.

Join Huckleberry Fine Art for two evenings of cupcakes, drinks, and the world of Dr. Seuss, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 13-14, 2013 from 7 p.m. 11 p.m. The gallery is located at 12051 Nebel Street, North Bethesda, Md., 20852. For more information and other related events, visit http://www.huckleberryfineart.com.

The collection includes The Cat that Changed the World from the Archive Collection of the famous The Cat in the Hat, and After Dark in the Park, straight from Dr. Seuss Secret Art Collection.

The strangest, yet the fastest selling of all the collections is the Unorthodox Taxidermy. These sculptures of never-before-seen characters are mounted on plaques and hung on the walls like a prize-winning buck. Playful names stay true to the Dr. Seuss style, such as The Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast, and The Flaming Herring. These timeless works of art are available for sale, just in time for the holiday season, for your family to treasure for years to come.

Dr. Seuss, born Theodor Seuss Geisel, is widely known for his fun and whimsical books, but he was also an artist. A perfectionist, he would spend a year or more just working on one book and throwing away a large portion of the initial sketches and writings before publishing the final product.

Dr. Seuss intense focus and care in creating his artworks are the reason his books still hit the best sellers lists, said Boots Harris, owner and operator of Huckleberry Fine Art. We are proud to bring the art of the legendary artist to the Washington metro region.

Dr. Seuss Enterprises, created before Geisel passed away in 1991, archived years of illustrations, concept drawings and even the secret art that he created for his own pleasure. Now the company brings that same art to the public to witness and relive the joy everyone felt when seeing the Grinch’s heart grow two sizes or the Cat in the Hat strolling through the doorway before chaos ensued.


Boots Harris

Huckleberry Fine Art



About Huckleberry Fine Art

As the premier art gallery in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, Huckleberry Fine Art specializes in finding

ArtCrypto Brings a Fine Art Gallery to Businesses Doorsteps

(PRWEB) November 27, 2013

Hosting a fine art exhibition is a way for businesses to offer something new and exciting to their clients, and provides an opportunity to expand their customer base. Fine art oriented events target individuals who enjoy good food, wine, music, as well as socializing and networking among other things. These events bring all of those features together and give people a reason to become repeat customers. But how do businesses coordinate art exhibitions at their locations without any prior experience or access to artists and their artwork? ArtCrypto Fine Art Gallery solves these and other issues by bringing its artist network and expertise to businesses doorsteps.

Business establishments who desire to incorporate art events such as exhibitions and auctions as part of their operations often do not have the tools, access, and/or experience to organize and execute these types of events. Being able to select the appropriate artwork, bringing the artist(s) to the event, targeting and advertising to the right crowd, etc., becomes a hassle for most businesses. Yeray Diaz, ArtCrypto Fine Art Gallerys art dealer, said It is possible for a business without prior experience to organize an event like this, but it is quite difficult to deliver the same quality of artwork on a consistent basis without being part of the art industry and having direct access to artists who can supply fine art pieces worthy of being exhibited at these events. ArtCrypto assesses the business and location hosting the event, finds the appropriate artwork to be exhibited, assists with the overall event planning, coordinates for the artist to be present at the event, and more. Diaz remarked Those organizations wanting, but not knowing how to coordinate an art oriented event at their establishment now have a solution.

Whether a business needs to organize an art exhibition, auction, artist meet and greet, art based fundraiser, or any other art related event, ArtCryptos art dealer is available to provide his innovative methods of introducing artwork to the public. Through these events, he brings seasoned local and international artists to establishments. Art fans get to explore and acquire original paintings and drawings, meet the artists, and most importantly, consume; generating profits for the hosting establishment. Repeating these types of events throughout the year keeps customers coming back wanting more.

To know more about how ArtCrypto can help organize private or public art focused events (e.g., auctions, exhibitions, fundraisers), the gallerys art dealer is there to assist. Art fans, non-profit organizations, and business owners who are interested in what this innovative Maryland art gallery has to offer can contact the art dealer directly via phone (850-748-9744) or email yeray(at)artcrypto(dot)com. Visit ArtCrypto to see the gallerys exclusive inventory.

About ArtCrypto Fine Art Gallery:

ArtCrypto Fine Art Gallery represents a selective group of American and International artists offering contemporary paintings and drawings. Every art piece offered by ArtCrypto is either an original or part of a limited edition print.

For additional information, please contact:

Yeray Diaz, Art Dealer, ArtCrypto Fine Art Gallery

Phone: (850) 748-9744

Email: yeray(at)artcrypto(dot)com

Web: http://www.artcrypto.com

Amour dArt Brings One of a Kind Fine Art Gallery to Los Gatos, California

Los Gatos, California (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

Amour dArt Gallery, specializing in fine art of many genres including contemporary realism, impressionism, figurative art, abstract and 3-dimentional art, is relocating its fine art gallery to downtown Los Gatos. The premier opening will take place May 3 and 4, 2013.

The gallery will be centrally located at 216 N. Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, and will offer a museum quality display of fine art from all painting disciplines.

For many years, the greater San Jose area has needed a fine art gallery resource. I have been looking for several years for the ideal location and space to showcase our massive selection of originals, limited editions and prints representing artists from all around the world, said Carrie Scott, owner and curator. Our website, http://www.amourdart.com, is only meant to represent a taste of the gallerys vast collection at any given time, and this new retail location will provide an opportunity for our collectors to see the pieces in person.

Amour dArts expansive collection includes oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, drawings, hand-signed limited edition etchings, lithographs, serigraphs, hand-embellished art, glass sculptures, and Disney art.

Although we feature images in a wide variety of painting styles, we specialize in contemporary realism and are proud to include Bay Area contemporary realist, Laurie Regan Chase, as our artist-in-residence, added Ms. Scott. Laurie is an award winning signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists and is in many permanent collections throughout the Americas. Her work brings international maritime flavor to Amour dArt and she will be painting in the gallery often.

For a taste of what the gallery has to offer, visit http://www.amourdart.com.

About Amour dArt:

Amour dArt owner and curator Carrie Scott worked in public relations, marketing and sales for nearly four decades.

Throughout the years, whether on vacation, sightseeing, visiting someone or a new place, she found herself purchasing artwork at fine art galleries, shops, and wherever else she found pieces that inspired her. She made a point of researching each artist she collected, studied their inspiration for their works, and whenever possible, met with them to get an in-depth perspective of the energy that fueled their creativity.

The gallery is unique for collectors because of this knowledge of each of the artists and their collections Ms. Scott brings to the buying experience. Her philosophy about art was, and still is, to purchase what you like; it can give you joy, comfort and inspiration.

About Laurie Regan Chase:

Chase was born in Chicago where she gained a love of water through sailboat racing on Lake Michigan. Her formal education began at the Art Institute of Chicago, and completed at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree. She finds inspiration for her scenic portraits during her private sailing travels throughout the Mediterranean, Aegean and Caribbean Seas as well as Mexico.

She has showcased her work in one-woman exhibitions in the United States, Mexico and Europe. In 1997, the mayor of Portofino, gave her the keys to the city, proclaiming her the ambassador of the beauty of Portofino to the world.

She is also known for her commissioned paintings of homes and privately owned classic antique wooden boats and yachts.

Her work is currently included in the American Society of Marine Artists 15th National Exhibition, which is a national museum show travelling to 9 U.S. cities from October 2011 through November 2013.

Fine Art eBooks presents: METAMORPHOSIS

My eBooks: www.fineartebooks.com CLICK HERE www.mydrawingtutorials.com for a FREE drawing bonus from my friend Ethan. Just enter your email and you’ll get instant access. (mydrawingtutorials.com) This is an ebook about the sculptures of artist Leonardo Pereznieto, presented with the emotive texts of Claudia Moscovici. This ebook contains over 50 pictures of metalic resine sculptures, marble sculptures, and bronze sculptures as well as figure drawing sketches of the artist. Visit Pereznieto´s Fan Page www.facebook.com

Museum of Fine Arts Bern – Museum of Fine Arts Bern

Museum of Fine Arts Bern – Museum of Fine Arts Bern

from Museum of Fine Arts Bern

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How to oil painting and drawing video lessons. Fine art tutorials online

Video Rating: 4 / 5

A digital painting tutorial using Corel Painter and a Wacom pen tablet. This is part 1 of painting a baby dragon, starting with the concept or idea and progressing to a grayscale painting which will be colored later. *Note: I use one layer to paint my portraits just like in traditional art. This is especially necessary when working with certain brushes such as the digital watercolors or tinting brushes, which create undesired effects if painted on a new transparent layer. Painting on one layer also helps in honing my painting skills and forces me to commit & make corrections in my paintings which in turn creates a learning experience every time. Drawing Book – Drawing Basics & Fundamentals www.lulu.com ****************************** Tools used: Corel Painter 11; Wacom Intuos 3. Sketch2Draw (My Drawing Website): www.sketch2draw.com JSolorzanoArts: www.jsolorzanoarts.com