Samuel Lynne Galleries’ Artist, JD Miller, to Exhibit Work at Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York with a Show Titled JD Miller: Breaking the Color Barrier

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 13, 2015

Samuel Lynne Galleries is pleased to announce the opening reception of artist JD Millers exhibition Breaking the Color Barrier on May 28, 2015 from 6 8 pm at Walter Wickiser Gallery, 210 11th Avenue #303, New York City, NY 10001. Established in 1992, the Walter Wickiser Gallery aims to create a visual dialogue between art and artists of different cultures, and to remind audiences of arts ability to transcend cultural boundaries. The Walter Wickiser Gallery has received numerous reviews in ARTnews, Art In America, and many other internationally recognized publications. Artist will be in attendance at the opening reception. Exhibition will be on view through June 23, 2015.

Creating images, which extend into the space around them and meet us in our realm of the three-dimensional, JD Miller uses a sculptors application of oil paint to challenge the conventional strategies of his chosen medium. Millers paintings engage the viewer with dynamic contours, light play, and visibility, and reveal at every viewing angle a different insight into their conglomerate layers of positive energy.

I call myself a Reflectionist artist because I believe that the universe mirrors each of us in a unique way. My goal as an artist is to interpret that phenomenon, and my art is a multidimensional reflection of life and the way I perceive the world. JD Miller

Breaking the Color Barrier features JD Millers visually arresting abstract paintings, which combine his three-dimensional oil painting techniques with a precise and delightful command of color. With images that extend off the canvas and into the viewers space, and colors that have been personally mixed by Miller to capture light and appeal to our visual senses, his paintings undoubtedly demand attention. Millers creations continue to be unique, tactile worlds of color and shape that allow the viewer to penetrate into the depth of the universe through their artistic representations.

Throughout the creation process, JD Miller utilizes a multifaceted artistic language, which brings together the influences of music, sculpture, and chromatic expression to communicate and connect with the viewer. A traveler at heart, Miller draws constantly on scenic impressions and the influence of discovery. He is represented in numerous galleries and museums throughout the United States and involves himself with educational and charitable organizations. Just as venturing into Abstraction marked a remarkably successful new trajectory in Millers career, Breaking the Color Barrier represents an upward career projection for the already well-established artist into an entirely new art market. This is the first time that JD Miller will be represented in the heart of New York City in the cultural mecca that is the world-renowned art scene of the Chelsea neighborhood. Breaking the Color Barrier is set to thrill Millers audience with new material and give viewers a glimpse into his ever-changing creative vision.

To schedule an interview or exclusive press preview, please contact

Karen Bivins, Director of Samuel Lynne Galleries, 214.965.9027, Karen(at)SamuelLynne(dot)com

For a digital catalogue of JD Millers oeuvre, please use this link:

Bianca Lauren Galleries Seeks Artists for Scottsdale Pop-Up Show

Bianca Lauren Galleries Seeks Artists for Scottsdale Pop-Up Show
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Pressure Sensitive Painting Comes to the iPad – review
By placing the pencil drawing on a separate layer and using the Blend Mode: Multiply, I can paint on layers beneath the pencil while the drawing floats on top. I started out by painting with my finger, then switched to the Intuos Creative Stylus …
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Pioneering Black Jewelry Designer Featured in Masterpieces Exhibit at Forbes Galleries

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 17, 2013

The American Jewelry Design Council’s free showcase of 25 years of outstanding jewelry design at the prestigious Forbes Galleries in New York has been drawing a host of budding and accomplished designers, art and craft creators and the merely curious.

Located in the Forbes Magazine Building at 60 Fifth Ave., at the corner of 12th Street, the exhibition, “Variations on a Theme: 25 years of Design from the AJDC” opened on Saturday, September 21, 2013 and will run through February 22, 2014. Participation in the exhibit is by invitation only and based upon having a reputation for distinctive style, creativity, originality and excellence in design.

Sandy Baker, one of the foremost names in American fine and fashion jewelry, is showing works in gold, silver and precious metal combinations. Ms. Baker was the first African American admitted to membership in the AJDC. She was also the first African American to have her jewelry designs sold on television, and to exhibit goods of her own design and manufacture at national and international trade shows.

Sandy Baker started creating jewelry in high school, gathering inspiration from Harlem to Greenwich Village, and then studying her craft in college and post graduate courses, She states, “What I saw in the market place was generally boring and unexciting, so when I entered the industry my goal was to create mini-sculptures that could be worn comfortably.”

Sandy Baker’s jewelry has been displayed at the Studio Museum in Harlem and can be found at the National Ornamental Museum, Carnegie Museums, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and other notable art institutions around the country. You can view her work at:

On view at the Forbes Galleries is a selection of works from various annual AJDC Design Projects from the very first theme in 1996 to the most recent in 2013. Annually, the council asks each of its members to create a design project, interpreting a single concept or theme: the final product is a collection of unique jewelry pieces joined by a solitary concept. Past themes include simple conceptual elements such as: “Wheel”, “Mask”, “Pyramid” and “Flight” imagined into breathtaking masterpieces made of precious metals, gemstones and unexpected materials.

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Galleries & Museums: May 9-15
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Profitable Opportunities Await for Photography and Artwork in the Genres of Travel, Vacation, Pets, Hobbies; Amateur Photographers and All Artists Can Now Put their Images to Work for Fun, Recognition and Profits 24/7 in Worldwide Online Galleries

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) November 20, 2012

The Art Marketing Agency introduced innovative advertising programs for amateurs, art professionals, fine artists and photographers to generate sales and connect with worldwide buyers 24 hours a day for their artworks.

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.Making money is art and good business is the best art.” – Andy Warhol

Its a fact, online galleries are good for today’s art business.

Worldwide there are more than two hundred worldwide online galleries with an influence that now plays a significant role in the success for any artist or art collector. Christie’s auction house and Costco recently announced plans to sell thousands of Warhol artworks online.

Buyers often use a new return policy that allows them to evaluate the art and return it if not satisfied.

The Art Marketing Agency unveiled several online art gallery marketing innovations to help meet the challenges in today’s art market. The agency will “post” and categorize artworks and photos to the top performing online galleries. The agency may even set up a salon or website and provide valuable marketing tips and strategies!

In the past, visual artists and photographers have invested their valuable time and money attempting to find the “right” online galleries to sell their work without much success. Museums and brick and mortar galleries have been slow to embrace the Internet and social media market at their expense.

“Online galleries is the ideal medium to enable art buyers and collectors see artwork worldwide twenty four hour a day,” observed Tuck Tucker, Visual Art’s Marketing Director.

The new service is designed to match artwork to the best performing online gallery and its buyers. The online gallery-matching services enable artists to optimize their marketing and efficiently reach the best art buyers at online galleries around the world. Clients can now successfully showcase their art and connect to art buyers.

A recent report from IBISWorld estimates that the online art sales industry in the U.S. was worth about $ 287.5 million in 2011. This figure includes the sale of original or limited-edition artwork through online galleries, online auctions, online art fairs, and online art dealing and trading. The sales figures included data from 716 businesses and covered the sale of paintings, drawings, sculpture, photographs and other media.

According to IBIS World analysts, the market for online art sales has been growing in line with strong demand from overseas markets and increasing access to Internet-based retail outlets.

The growth in art sales through e-commerce and online auctions is expected to continue through 2016, fueled by global growth in consumer spending and increased access through more broadband connections.Mobile apps are anticipated to provide further room for innovation in online art sales.

See report:

A popular blog details an artist experiences with online galleries:

How I Learned How to Sell My Photos and Artworks in Worldwide Online Galleries–

The Art Marketing Agency services enables artists, photographers and art collectors to work with an expert, objective team that will provide a portfolio and website review with an informative consultation. The agency then develops specific marketing plans to match the artist style and vision with the right online gallery.

The Agency also announced it will now offer its valuable printed directory (and E Book) about online galleries that analyses characteristics and provides information about hundreds of galleries to its subscribers. The Guide assists art professionals to meet the challenges of today’s international art market with information about each gallery.

Each client receives a written summary with recommendations plus valuable information detailing specific online galleries to match their artwork to maximize profits!

From Karen T. in Arlington, Virginia, photographer, “The agency suggested I shift from 2 pay galleries to 5 non-pay and I am making more sales and saving money. What I liked is that their services are turnkey- they really did all the work to set me up with the online galleries after the consultation. Thanks for making my life and art marketing a lot more successful.”

Ron W. Miami FL, Fine Artist Portraiture, remarked about the new services, “I was looking for a better way to sell my art. It was just too time-consuming and frustrating to know what online galleries to work with. The team at the agency have given me better online sales options. I recommend them.”

The artist or art collector may choose one of several consultation plans ($ 50 to $ 150) to review all aspects of their artwork including their website and marketing ideas.

A valuable written summary and recommendations is provided to all clients.

“Amateur and novice photographers and artists may be sitting on a gold mine,” observed Tucker.

Novice and beginner photographers may also put their family, pet, holiday and travel photos to work for extra profits!

The agency will post a limited number of their photos from fifteen to twenty five dollars and may include a website. Novice and beginners photography program details are available the

For more details about the new service, please contact:

Tuck Tucker

Agency Director

239 250 4920

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Paintings and sculptures of dogs popular at auctions, galleries, museums
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