Popular Leonardo da Vinci App Adds New Updates, Remains Unique and Powerful Tool for Arts Students to Learn the Techniques of this Master Painter

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 10, 2013

Leonardo da Vinci, in his drawings, carried out experiments with form and composition shared by the different fields of his artistic activities: painting, sculpture and architecture. Drawing also becomes a means by which to carry out and record in his papers scientific experiments in a very wide range of fields of knowledge, a practice therefore in which the intention to depict cannot be separated from the process of knowledge and which reflects his studies, experiences, inventions and considerations, following the creative and cognitive processes of his mind.

The quality of Leonardos pencil drawing is impeccable and he is easily able to faithfully reproduce reality in all its detail and, since drawing is the most direct expression of physical and mental movement, Leonardo’s figures have unprecedented vitality and vivacity. He uses a technique that gives a sense of colour and depth even when using monochrome mediums like sanguine or ink.

Finally, the drawings of the great master, from fruit, anatomy or landscapes to war machines, are filled with astounding lyricism. Leonardo’s intention was to copy nature in the most scientific manner possible – and therefore as objectively as possible, but yet his drawings have charm and intrinsic poetry. The lessons to be learnt from them are still valid and full of life and proof of this is the extraordinary success of the Giunti edition, where philological exactness has been made a point of honour, to guarantee that such a precious asset to the history of art is distributed in the best possible way.

This full version of Mighty Mack’s Drawings: Leonardo da Vinci App features over 75 Drawings & 19 paintings by the Master Leonardo da Vinci each in high resolution in order to let art students, art schools and artists painters to fully explore the mastery and brilliance of the author’s sketches.

Other Features Include:

Share images via email, Twitter and Facebook, and save them to camera roll with no watermarks.
Share the artist bio via email.
Select image favorites.
View the images one by one, or via a slideshow.

Enjoy this fantastic visual gallery, share the images with friends, and learn about the artists life.

Updates include:

New user interface
Optimized for iOS 6.1.3
New Splash Page

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